Wednesday, 29 April 2015

More face saving and a surprise

People often ask "how long did it take you to make it?" I can never give an answer, so I timed this one. It took seven and a half hours - partly because I decided to change his upper lip - partly because I was experimenting with a recently acquired reverse felting needle that does exactly what it says, pulls some of the fibres back out again to make fur. I thought it would be useful for blending and for "facial hair". It was. Often people find it irresistible try to "do" the ...needle felted hair on my strange concoctions and, of course, as soon as it is attacked with a comb or a brush, it starts to come out. I made shorter hair with this. So, anyways, I reckon without experimentation and alteration, these little things take six hours. Clearly, if I was selling them and wanted say ten pounds an hour, plus materials, plus some value on design, skill etc. etc. unless I was Tracey Emin these would be unmarketable!  Timing myself on this one certainly gave me pause for thought!

Work in progress here.

 Back view.


Friday, 10 April 2015

Saving face..............

I find needle felting faces quite difficult but I keep trying because I think, especially for small ones, I can get more contoured features than needle sculpting.

So, I've been trying to improve my technique.

They are on a base of 2 layers of felt with a stiff interlining between. I put a brooch pin on the back of each. I'm not sure what I will do with them, possibly mount them in box frames and make them removeable.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Footloose and fancy free!

I made new feet for the owl. I think these look much better. Before he looked as though he was sitting on a spider!

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Not a slow worm this fellow.....................

he's a speed freak!

 I made the worm a while ago in response to a challenge from ADO - anthromorphic. I always intended for him to have a vehicle of some sort. He is needle felted on a wire armature and he has a knitted scarf.
I found the wheels for his vehicle in a stationary department. They are erasers and they come to pieces so I could sew them on like buttons. For the headlamps I made the blue felt balls and added the yellow and grey afterwards. The steering wheel is stiffened felt and has a plastic washer inside.
His car is made for a pair of slippers I made for a doll and rejected. I turned one inside out, put one inside the other and stuffed the space in between. I knew if I kept them I would find a use for them!

A Worm in a Car was inspired by someone I know!