Sunday, 21 December 2008

Here Come the Girls

and their birds!

Here come the girls, and their birds!

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I've been experimenting with the stump dolls, and enjoying playing with Nellie's birds. I thought I would try a different kind of 'hair' so used a novelty knitting yarn, it looks as if it is made by wrapping 'slubs' of unspun fibre with a much thinner yarn of the same stuff, bit like a machine wrapped cord. I 'rooted' it in with a felting needle. I think I prefer the hand knitted wigs!

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I'm using these as Christmas ornaments, because I like the bright coloured sparkliness!

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

My Second Stump Doll

Well, you know what they say, 'Once is never enough'. I thought this one would make a good Christmas Ornament.

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Here's the side view:

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and here's a closeup of the embellishment:

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The 'stump' is covered in black muslin (scrim) needlepunched with green and red dyed wool fleece (roving), then machine quilted to a piece of synthetic felted cloth with pre-programmed machine stitches in red and green thread. The overskirt is commercially produced machine embroidered tulle with a holly pattern. The ruffle around the waist is a red tulle frill and a piece of gathered red nylon lace. Not enough for me, I added some green sequin leaves and red beads. The 'bodice' of the dress was hand needlepunched onto the body, then embellished with novelty knitting yarn, hand embroidery and beads. The usual hand knitted wig and painted face, a little bit more 'bling' and she was done!