Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Extreme Steampunk

Seen on a day out to Borde Hill Gardens, near Ardingly, Sussex!

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He is called "Rodney Chameleon" and I think he must be made from old chain saw parts.

The sculptures were made by Anvil Ironworks.

Monday, 18 July 2011

blurb about books

I've been busy making two more Blurb Books and whenever I visit the site, I can't help browsing. I used the search term "Art Dolls" in the Bookstore, and these are links to a few of the fascinating books I came across.

Esther Verschoor

Karen Bouse

paula nerhus

Christina Ekman


Patrizia Lamberti - BJDs

Loretta Nardone - Zuni

Ruby Rae

There really is some fascinating stuff on Blurb, but I'll have to stop now or I'll be here all night! I've put the links on my blog so that I know where to find them when I want another look!

ps: I've linked to the book previews here. They do take a few seconds to come up, but it's worth the wait!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Mermaids get a bit of a makeover

I was aiming for the kind of mermaid that could lure an unwary sailor into trouble! When it came to the face and hair, I was thinking 1940s screen idols. "Sirens of the silver screen". I wanted a sort of 'come hither' look.

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They got new tail fins, I was never satisfied with the first ones.

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And an extra tail section.

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and they both got new tops.

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