Sunday, 5 April 2015

Not a slow worm this fellow.....................

he's a speed freak!

 I made the worm a while ago in response to a challenge from ADO - anthromorphic. I always intended for him to have a vehicle of some sort. He is needle felted on a wire armature and he has a knitted scarf.
I found the wheels for his vehicle in a stationary department. They are erasers and they come to pieces so I could sew them on like buttons. For the headlamps I made the blue felt balls and added the yellow and grey afterwards. The steering wheel is stiffened felt and has a plastic washer inside.
His car is made for a pair of slippers I made for a doll and rejected. I turned one inside out, put one inside the other and stuffed the space in between. I knew if I kept them I would find a use for them!

A Worm in a Car was inspired by someone I know!

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