Friday, 29 April 2016

A work in progress

I sold my first Tree Spirit. It's almost Spring, the leaf buds are swelling on the trees, I decided to make another. I had just got to the embroidery and embellishment stage and was feeling quite pleased with what I had made when along came The Retired Husband.

There are lots of my favourite stitches in there. Trellis on a buttonhole foundation of course, cretan, feather, detached buttonhole and more to come. Then he said "You can't be serious, you can't make something that shape, it's far too phallic". OK those are not his exact words but you get the idea. I was, to grossly understate, a tad miffed. I'd spent a lot of hours on that piece of work and I just didn't see it the way that he did. Still, once I got over being absolutely furious with him I had a bit of think and I thought, "I'll try a pair of arms and see how we go". So I did.

He may have done me a favour after all, because I really like the effect. I think the arms add quite a lot of character. So, one tree spirit rescued from the reject bin and ready to be finished off!

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