Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Introducing "His Worship"

I started this last year but I ran out of steam on him.

I had him standing in the workshop waiting for me to decide who he was going to be. Finally, he becomes "His Worship".

This is where he got to......

 .....and this is where he is now

It was giving him hair that did it - he went from peasant to patrician. Instead of the sandals with rope ties that I had planned, he got boots. I made them in two parts, shoes with "tucked in gaiters". I've given him a short waistcoat because I thought, tucked into the boots, his trousers had an "Edwardian" look. Then I needle felted him a hat, I think it's a "Derby". He still needs some bits and pieces - notably a belt and something to carry his important odds and ends in. I'm taking part in a Christmas Craft Fair with a Steampunk theme this month and I'm hoping to take him with me, so he has a "steampunk style" chain of office and decoration to his hat. He should fit right in once he is finished!

He will make a good pal for old "Pucklington Hive".

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