Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Some progress on the "big doll"

I was asked if I could make a version of this doll:

the size of a 2-3 yr old, with more realistically shaped body and limbs that could be dressed in children's clothes. I do like to work quite big, (the original measured about 24 inches from head to toe) but this was a challenge. I've never tried to make one on that scale before. The proportions had to be quite different from the long armed and long legged figures that I usually make and the head needed to be much bigger in proportion to the body. Here's the prototype I have made so far:

I gave the doll pixie ears and it is intended to be "unisex" it so that it can be dressed as either a boy or a girl.  The arms and legs are jointed with plastic safety joints at shoulder and hip, so the doll can sit, but the legs contain a piece of wooden dowel so the knees cannot bend. The arms are loosely jointed to allow for dressing and the fingers are poseable. The knitted wig is made of the same kind of yarn as the original, so because the head is so much bigger, the hair is shorter. The doll stands unsupported in the pose shown in the photographs but it is very light. There is a bit more work to be done on the face, currently it is coloured in ink from archival pens and coloured pencil - I need to colour the eyes and mouth with fabric paints.
So far,  making the doll has used a yard of polyaloba fabric, two  kilo bags of stuffing, pack of pipecleaners, wooden dowel, small piece of grey picture framers board, two balls of eyelash yarn, 4 plastic safety joints, reel of thread and a lot of hours!


Judy McCarthy said...

It will be good to see your pixie as he gets his clothes.etc.Well done.

Shashi Nayagam said...

He looks fantastic