Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Summer Festival

I was at the annual Llammas Festival this weekend. The weather was mixed, and so was the reaction to my wares.

The Eastbourne giants, escorted by a retinue of drummers in colourful costume.

People wanting to browse the stall before we've got it set up - why do they do that?
You can see Suze's bum in the foreground, Tarni's bum in the background and Rosie and Sharon all ready to deal with customers.

One or two of my dolls and Suze's super felted necklaces.

Another of my dolls, Suze's semi-precious beads and Tarni's earrings.

And here's Rosie, presiding over Sharon's candles and the selection of cards.

Saturday afternoon the weather took a turn for the worse, it bucketed down with rain and our makeshift marquee just wasn't up to the job. Here are the girls making a futile attempt to waterproof it - and can you believe it, people still want to browse with all this going on!

I had to pack up my dolls and textile pieces quick and leg it back home to dry them out!

Sunday was much better. The sun came out and so did the crowds. We had a constant stream of browsers all day. Lots of people stopped to look at my dolls, asked lots of questions about them, said some complimentary things and took away my leaflets, but no-one was buying; not even the little things I made specially. I overheard many nice comments but, human nature being what it is, the one I remember most is "Well, they're way over-priced for what they are. It's not even a craft fair. I certainly wasn't expecting this!" And the runner up was "Sixty-five quid. Jesus"!

(I had so many photos I wanted to use that I also wrote about our weekend here with more pictures of the festival.

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Shashi Nayagam said...

It is sad isn't it that people just do not appreciate the amount of work and skill that goes into making dolls.
Sorry that the heavens opened for you. Apart from the browsing I hope you had a lovely day.