Monday, 7 March 2016

Better late than never - The Holly Mother

I didn't think it had been quite so long since I wrote in this blog. I forgot to publish a couple of posts!

This one came from my imagination.

This is what I told two little boys that visited my stall the one weekend while their parents were getting coffee and cakes.

This is the Holly Mother. She looks after all the little Holly Elves and Holly Sprites. The Holly Elves ae boys and the Holly Sprites are girls. They sleep all through the Spring and Summer, and they wake up when the apples  begin to ripen and the berries and rose hips start to turn red. They ive in the holly bushes and trees, where we cannot see them and they eat nuts and berries. The Holly Elves, being boys, hardly ever wash themselves or brush their hair so they are always up and about first. The Sprites, being girls, take ages to get ready.

The Holly Elves and Sprites are at their busiest in December, when we are all getting ready for Christmas. They creep up to the windows at night to look at all the shiny decorations and the Christmas trees in our houses. Sometimes, if they can get into the house; through a crack, or perhaps a mousehole, they wait until everyone has gone to bed and then they go right up to the Christmas tree for a really good look. They cannot resist the sugar mice, the candy canes or the chocolate tree ornaments, they are so much nicer then wrinkled berries and nuts.

 Sometimes they steal them, so perhaps we shouldn't always blame those naughty children!

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