Monday, 2 September 2013

Working on a WIP!

Remember this chap?

Well, here he is now. Meet Pucklington Hive (at least that's as close a translation as I can get from the name he gave me) an elder from a tribe of forest fairies, Sussex Pucks,  residing in Ashdown Forest.
He carries a bow and an arrow made with a pen-nib he found. With it he catches small rodents for meat and clothing. He wears a necklace made of their vertebrae (actually, its plastic). The fairies collect sheeps' wool caught on the hedges and fences to spin and weave their tunics. His badges are made from buttons and beads lost in the forest by the humans, likewise his ruby ring.


This is a needlefelted head on a cloth body, dyed to match, with a wire armature.
The clothing is all synthetic fabrics that look like wool and suede. The fabric for the gauntlets, bag and shoes is needlefelted from scraps. The hair is needlefelted from fancy knitting yarn, with matching eyebrows and moustache.

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Rachel Whetzel said...

I love his ears!! Something about them in combination with that mustache really gives him a personality!