Monday, 5 November 2012


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She has some of her symbols: a bowl of burning peat for the fire of the hearth, a hammer for the fire of the forge and a serpent for the fire of creativity. She also has some symbols of Imbolc, her feast day: a lamb for the renewal of life, a headdress representing the sun for the renewal of light, a protective spray of rowan, some shamrocks and the colours green and white. She also has her cloak, with a Brigid's cross or firewheel on the back and, of course, embroidery.

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The serpent is needlefelted. The last layer was needlefelted through net to give a scaly appearance.

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The bowl of fire and the hammer were both needlefelted.

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Her face is hand painted and lightly needlesculpted. Her beaded headdress represents the sun's rays. Her hair is wool fibre, some of it plaited.

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This is Brigid's Cross or firewheel, a protective symbol. It is embroidered here in cotton perle, but it would have been made with straw or willow. A piece of cloth representing Brigid's cloak would have been left outside on Imbolc (1st and 2nd February) then brought back into the house as a protective symbol.

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The lamb is needlefelted with a wire armature. I think she's finished, although I'm still not quite sure about that needlefelted cloak.


Shashi Nayagam said...

She is wonderful.

Mary Ann said...

Just lovely. You have put so much work into her. She's beautiful. Your little lamb is adorable:)

Conni said...

She's gorgeous! Love all of the details!