Friday, 9 March 2012

Embroidered textile figurine

I decided to make some more figures in my "series" Wise Ones and Elders.

I like making these, but they do take a long time!

I've called this one "Bringer of the New Dawn" because the colours remind me of a summer sunrise. I especially like the shape of this one.

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Each Wiseone or Elder is individually made. The base fabrics are constructed of scraps and bits and pieces embellished together on the machine, machine quilted and needlefelted. The faces are portraits in coloured pencil with added fabric paint, lightly needle sculpted. They have fancy headresses and best of all lots and lots of slow, rhythmical hand stitching that took several hours, producing lots of texture. All combined into a 3-dimensional decorative item that can stand up on its own.

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Mary Ann said...

It must be a joy to make these. I love to hand stitch as I find it a very relaxing and peaceful activity:)