Sunday, 19 June 2011

Finally finished............................

I started this one a while ago for halloween but didn't finish her in time and she got put to one side. The June challenge on ADO, Black & White: Abi Monroe, reminded me. Abi extended the challenge to include "the dark side?" She definitely came from my darker side - I think she is my alter ego. I drink red wine, I want her hair and if I were only younger I would goth and steampunk it up with the best of them! Her face and body were originally white, but I gave her a green tinge to suit her condition!

Say hello to Vampolicella.

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Vampolicella lives with her nest mate Glampire. (She's having a well-earned break and a make-over at a Dark Spa this month, but due back soon.) Vampolicella has much more earthly concerns, especially sustenance. If she cannot get her favourite AB negative, she will make do with any other, even O Pos, and she always likes to top up with a few glasses of full-bodied Italian red!


Sharon M said...

Kay I love your work! You think outside the square and your dolls make people take 'another look'! There is nothing static about your work!

Abi said...

Couldn't decide on which blog to look at first! how do you keep up with so many!!
Thanks for the info on dye - Thanks god I only have it on my hands!!
Hope you have a great weekend.