Sunday, 3 October 2010

Which is the right Witch? Part 3


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Make the base, a covered cardboard circle. Make the hat brim, layers of felt and base fabric mangled together on the needlepunch (embellisher) machine.


(click on photo for bigger image)

Add finishing touches to the face, and hair and eyebrows.


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Embellish with beads and sequins.


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Embroider the hands in needleweaving.


(click on photo for bigger image)

Stitch on the base and the hat brim.


(click on photo for bigger image)

Make her some accessories - a voodoo doll and a broomstick.


(click on photo for bigger image)

All done!

How would you price this one, given the processes involved?

Because my embroidered friendship dolls are necessarily relatively expensive, for a recent craft fair I also made some plain fabric ones with very simply embroidered faces. One particular customer said that she thought the embroidered, beaded dolls were much nicer and asked why they were so much more expensive, as they were all the same size. I explained how the fabric was made, and that the beading and embroidery was all done by hand and took a long time. Back came the response "What, so you expect us to pay for that?!" Good job I didn't have a gun!


Kristine said...

Hi there!
Just stopping by while CDA blog hopping! ;-)
your art is wonderful!!! I will be sure to come back to visit again!
have a great day!
Kristine ;-)

Aimee Jeffries said...

CDA blog hopping through. I LOVE this witch! How fun!

Lotus said...

I loved watching your process! Fantastic results too! I soooo love the way you did the witch hands! Awesome!
It makes me sad when people are so dense! I think it's just the world-view of things... imports from other countries have really destroyed our sense of value. "Why should I buy a handmade doll for $100, when I can get something similar, made in China, for $5? And what's with the size issue? Bigger is more expensive? Huh... !
I think your dolls are fantastic! Thanks again for sharing how you create them!

B. Diederich said...

Yeah...people just don't understand (or appreciate) how time-consuming all the cool details can be. And if you start to mention 'hand-stitching' or 'sewing on beads' you can see their eyes glaze over because most of them have never threaded a needle in their lives! (In that be the case, they are not deserving of a doll, ha ha!)
Very cool blog!