Wednesday, 20 October 2010

I must be bewitched!

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She is wise and she knows many things. She is a healer, a counsellor, a listener. She has helped many people. Although she is happy with the life she has chosen, sometimes she is lonely and wishes for the company of her own kind. "Are there any more like me?" she asks. "No," I reply, "not unless I make them!"

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(Click on photo for bigger image)

Her body is made from scraps of fleece fabric, chiffon and silk needle felted onto a base of recycled fibres with the addition of dyed wool sliver (roving), machine quilted and heavily embellished with hand embroidery, beads and sequins. Her face is a hand painted and lightly needle sculpted coloured pencil portrait. Her arms are appliqued and lightly stuffed and her hands and her spiky fingers are needlewoven. She wears a necklace of silver beads and animal bones (not really; plastic, I thought they looked like teeth or vertebrae!) and she carries a strange looking skull. She measures about 10 inches from the top of her hat to her base.


anna said...

This is so beautiful! I found you while looking for inspiration to make a witchy kind of doll and to me, this is the perfect combination of beauty and spookiness. Now I'm going to explore the rest of your blog. I love your work!

Chaunna said...

I love how her face tells such a story.. it's like her eyes are capturing your imagination into another world. Great job - she is beautiful

Shashi Nayagam said...

What a wonderful doll.