Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Jumped the gun!

I was asked if I could make the 'papoose-style' carrots a bit smaller, just five inches high. The person making the request was to let me know in a day or two if an order was coming for a dozen, to see how they went. Well, obviously you know what I did! I went ahead regardless and of course the order didn't materialise. Never mind, as you know - I'm still trying to make something cheap and cheerful for craft fairs that someone will want to buy.

(click on photo for bigger image)

I think these are cheerful, but I'm not sure how cheap I want to make them! The thing is, although they are much smaller, and so take less materials, they still take just as long to make. (It's the embroidery, of course. But for the Christmas Craft Fair I made some plain carrots without any extra stitchery and put them out at a lower price. People kept picking up the embroidered ones - they looked at the plain ones and said they were not as nice, but still they didn't want to pay the embroiderer!)

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