Sunday, 24 August 2008

No sale!

My table at the Llammas Fair was cancelled. The weather took a turn for the worse and the tent blew down during the evening!

Next on the calendar was a last minute invitation to our Creative Co-op to fill six stalls with arts and crafts at the annual Lifeboat Regatta. I made some of these, 'Sailor Stanleys', for the occasion. I thought people would appreciate something with a nautical theme.

(Click on photo for bigger image)

I priced them at £9.50 each and I sold just two! (Unfortunately, I made a dozen - six sailors and six matelots).
I also took the 'Merbabes' and I know I priced them low at £15, bearing in mind the collaged quilted fabric, hand embroidery and embellishment. I didn't sell a single one. My daughter says I am charging too much and surely I just want to sell them.
My Creative Co-op colleagues berate me, saying I am not charging enough.................... beats me!

Lots of people stopped to look at my dolls, ask questions and talk about them, but no-one wanted to buy................I don't think changing the price either way would have made any difference.


liz said...

I sympathise, it's a common story, people don't want to buy. They are all lovely, I don't think the price would make any difference. I do like your little faces, too:)

Dawn said...

I think it's the ecomony, being in business, can tell ya, people don't want to spend right now. Nice merms.