Saturday, 1 December 2007

Simple Stanley grows up, and a disappointing day..

I called my simple doll a Stanley after the small person I made it for. Now I've designed a doll for when he grows up a bit, a Sitting Stanley.

(click on photo for bigger image)

This doll has legs, a painted, lightly needle sculpted face and the hair is knitted from fluffier yarn.

And as it is near Christmas, I designed a Special Seasonal Sitting Stanley:

(click on photo for bigger image)

I was asked to take a table at a local Christmas Craft Fayre, so I made a dozen of these and took them along with a dozen Simple Stanleys. Lots of people stopped to look and commented on their cute faces, but I was there all day, and I didn't sell a single one! And I only sold two Simple Stanleys. Maybe Craft Fairs aren't my thing!!!


liz said...

You did better than me, though! I love your seasonal Stanley.

Shashi Nayagam said...

I love your seasonal Stanley. I love his adorable booties. I have heard many ladies seem to find it hard to sell our kind of dolls in craft fairs. Not sure why it is so. I don't think it is you though.

Clothmatters said...

Fantastic dolls! The booties are so precious. I am going to add your link to my blog so others can see your beautiful dolls.