Tuesday, 9 October 2007

My workroom

I haven't got much to show right now. I've had a busy time. The Boss had two months off work and as if that wasn't enough of a disruption, he put a new hot water cylinder in - guess where? Everything had to be moved out of my workroom, then the airing cupboard had to be demolished and rebuilt around a huge, white, Heath-Robinson cum Wallace and Grommit contraption with pipes and dials and heaven know what else! I shouldn't complain though, because now we have enough hot water to fill the bath and I got new worktops and cupboards!

So, in lieu of work, here's where I play:

and just to prove that there IS something happening:


Shashi Nayagam said...

Thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures. I love those little bodies all waiting to be made up.
Hope life slows down a bit for you to be able to create your beautiful pieces.

liz said...

I just found your blog(s) and I've spent ages looking at all your dolls, haven't had time to look at the other things yet. You must live in some parallel universe where there are 83 hours in a day. How on earth do you do all this? Love the dolls.