Monday, 2 July 2007

Autumn not so sprightly!

(click on photo for bigger image)

She's perhaps a little bit blowsy, a little bit overblown. She looks thoughtful, not sad but a little bit serious. It's because she's in the autumn of her life, a good bit past the middle, but still quite a way from the end. She has enjoyed her life up to now, so she still likes to dress in bright colours, but not as bright as she did when she was in her summer, spring now seems a long way behind. She still loves to wear necklaces and bracelets, but now the colours are muted, berries and fruits instead of summer flowers. Sometimes now, she finds she needs a light stole or a shawl to guard against the cold in the chilly autumn evenings.

She doesn't like those crochet slippers. She still likes to wear dainty, pretty shoes and kick up her heels now and then. She has good feet and her favourite shoe colour is red. She wants me to make her another pair. (I will, when I've figured out how to do it!).

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