Tuesday, 19 June 2007

A simple doll.......

for a very small person. My smallest grandchild is six months old. I made the 'twins' for his older sister and brother, so I thought he should have his own doll too.

(click on photo for bigger image)

This doll has a two-piece body with an opening at the neck. The head pieces are sewn together, with a slit at the back for stuffing and for the neck to fit into. I used jersey fabric with a slight stretch and the hair is a gathered knitted strip. The features are lightly needle sculpted. The doll has big eyes, because that is what babies like, and his legs are easy for little hands to hold. The arms can be pulled and the hair is fluffy, so it feels nice and soft. The face is drawn in permanent marker, coloured pencil and gouache, mixed with fabric medium and the colours are heat set. I chose the lurid crushed velvet jersey fabric because although I don't like it much, I think the bright colour, the shine and the soft feel will appeal to a baby.

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