Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Heads up!........................

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I have a very large amount of fabric with a little bit of stretch in it. I couldn't understand why the last head I made, from that fabric, came out so different from the 'twins', as I used the same pattern and that fabric also had some stretch in it. Then I thought maybe it was the direction of the 'stretch', like the direction of the 'grain' when you are dressmaking. (People that make dolls and soft toys all the time probably know this, but I didn't!).

So, I got 'scientific' and experimented. I made these four heads, cutting them from the same fabric and pattern but with the 'stretch' in different directions, and I got four completely differently shaped heads from the same pattern.

1. All pieces cut with the 'stretch' going from side to side.

2. All pieces cut with 'stretch' going from top to bottom.

3. The middle face gusset cut with the 'stretch' going from top to bottom and the side pieces cut with the 'stretch' going from side to side.

4. The middle face gusset cut with 'stretch' going from side to side and the side pieces with the 'stretch' gong from top to bottom.

Number 3 is the shape I was after, and clearly that was how I got the head shapes for the 'twins', but I made them from scraps and took no notice of the fabric 'grain' or 'stretch' at the time. It was a useful experiment - there may be occasions when I want the other shapes instead.

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